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Corporate Social Responsibility

Umbrella companies vs. PAYE


On the face of it, there might seem like little obvious difference between working under an umbrella company and paying PAYE (Pay As You Earn) income tax via an agency payroll.

But the repercussions for your financial circumstances can be significant, so it's worth taking the time to learn a little more about the differences between umbrella companies and PAYE.

For example, you could be missing out on tax-deductible pension contributions, the ability to claim back your business expenses, and the advantages of being in continuous employment on paper.

Policy Statement


Primis aims to be a good corporate citizen. We recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations and be committed to;

  • Creating a harmonious and safe place of work

  • Providing Equal Opportunities to all employees

  • Promoting the protection of the environment

  • Supporting charities and local communities

  • Working with suppliers who hold similar values


Primis is fully committed to providing a harmonious working environment that offers equal treatment and equal opportunities for all employees, where every employee is treated with respect and dignity and where everyone has an equal chance to succeed and its workforce is fairly paid and is positively supported.

Our aim is to create an environment that encourages and values diversity within our workforce building on the differences individuals bring and enabling the organisation’s continued success. We are able to do this by meeting the needs of our staff by providing the following lifestyle and wellbeing benefits:-


  • Our organisation currently pays over and above the Living Wage.

  • Reducing average sickness absence through an improved health, wellbeing and support package for staff – we create an environment that promotes staff health and well-being, to achieve this we:-​​

    • Providing a free gym for our employees (and their friends and family members) 

    • Our Employee Handbook is regularly updated to ensure that it best reflects current best practice.

    • We have effective risk management in place to ensure a safe work environment at all times. 

    • We offer a flexible working environment for staff that need to work from home at times.

    • We review all our employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness.

    • We offer a health scheme that provides monetary cashback for employees on optical, dental and homeopathic care.

Rights of Disabled People

The Company attaches particular importance to the needs of disabled people. Under the terms of this policy, managers are required to: 

  • make reasonable adjustments to maintain the services of an employee who becomes disabled, for example, training, provision of special equipment, reduced working hours. (NB: managers are expected to seek advice on the availability of advice and guidance from external agencies to maintain disabled people in employment);

  • include disabled people in training/development programmes;

  • give full and proper consideration to disabled people who apply for jobs, having regard to making reasonable adjustments for their particular aptitudes and abilities to allow them to be able to do the job.


Learning and Development

Primis believe that staff development and learning should be an integral part of the organisations strategic plan, so that staff can perform their individual jobs effectively and, in doing so, ensure that the organisation achieves its objectives.

The central aim is therefore to provide an environment where continuous development can take place and where staff are supported and enabled to meet the changing demands and priorities of Primis. To achieve this aim, learning and development needs will be regularly reviewed and staff will be encouraged to play an active part in identifying their own learning needs, selecting appropriate learning methods and, in doing so, assessing the outcomes and effectiveness of their learning.

Health & Safety

It is Primis’ duty to maintain safe working conditions and so far as is reasonably 
practicable the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees. This requires that regard 
is paid in particular to:

  • Adhering to all relevant health & safety legislation, regulation and codes of practice;

  • Maintaining a healthy and safe premises and working environment; 

  • Providing and maintaining safe equipment and systems at work and consider health & safety when procuring equipment, obtaining new services and changing work patterns;

  • Ensuring adequate funds and resources to maintain health & safety standards;

  • Ensuring that all workers have the necessary experience and capability to carry out the tasks allocated to them;

  • Ensuring safety in the use of articles and substances; 

  • Conducting risk assessment for all staff and special risk assessment for expectant, new mothers and young people;

  • Investigating accidents and dangerous occurrences, take any internal action necessary and comply with statutory external reporting duties (RIDDOR);

  • Providing such information, training, instruction and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of all employees and visitors;

  • Publishing and regularly updating the Company Health & Safety Policy

The Company is also under a duty to ensure that any people not employed by it are not exposed to risk to their health and safety. This includes visitors to the Company’s premises.

Data Protection

Primis is required to keep certain information regarding its employees to enable it to carry out its day to day operations, and to comply with its legal obligations.

Primis is committed to ensuring that all personal data is processed in line with the Data Protection Act (DPA). To comply with the principles of the DPA, any personal information will be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to any other person or organisation unlawfully.


Primis will continue to consider the impact on the environment of its services and activities and will comply with the

ever-increasing environmental demands to minimize the environmental impact of its services during the contract/framework.

Through the nature of our work to undertake the recruitment and supply of high quality personnel we will ensure the promotion of our environmental sustainability and will endeavour to meet the following outcomes:

  • Minimising the use of paper and other office consumables, for example reducing the amount of printing, double sided printing

  • We shred all office paper using secure disposal company ShredIt, who take waste away weekly. 

  • We recycle all office equipment and print cartridges

  • We have an internal car share scheme in place 

  • Minimise the generation of waste and to dispose of unavoidable waste in a responsible manner

  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently and to reduce consumption where possible for example lighting that is movement responsive in the majority of the building. 

  • Reducing the energy consumption of office equipment by:-

    • purchasing energy efficient equipment 

    • all electronic equipment shut down during down time periods

    • good housekeeping by reminding staff to turn off lights in meeting rooms and all offices when not in use, if not movement activated.

We will continue to promote our environmental sustainability to all staff by internal communication such as email, intranet and through appropriate training.

Supporting Charities

Primis is committed to working with two chosen charities as described below. We have a clear idea of where our donations are spent through regular communication. Our staff individually supports these charities by donating to each charity every pay day.

The Foundation for Peace: We work with local charity The Foundation for Peace who work with local projects in Warrington, Manchester and the wider UK. We promote their charity through social media, provide regular donations, and hold regular staff fundraisers. Most recently we sponsored their Christmas Party and Golf Day. The charity supports projects such as:


  • Think - a bespoke programme aimed at young people, aged 14–19, helping them to THINK critically and confidently about their place in society.

  • Women for Peace – helping women in minority groups who feel marginalised by society.

Kamla Foundation: We have supported the Kamla Foundation for the past few years as they provide invaluable support across India for people who are on the margins of society. They work with the poor, low-caste, tribal people and, in particular, with women to help them build and sustain their individual, family and community livelihoods.

Christmas Mission: As well as our chosen charities we also donate to a few different charities around Christmas time. We give some of our top clients a sum of money to donate to a charity of their choice. In 2014 our four top clients chose five charities to donate to. 

Supporting Local Business

We are committed to working with local business through sourcing local labour, equipment and materials where possible and will continue to champion community engagement throughout the industry. 

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